A little about myself...

I like:

  • Learning new things and technologies.
  • Innovating and finding better and new ways of doing things.
  • Solving problems and dealing with new challenges.
  • Sharing knowledge and helping and motivating others to learn and share.
  • Self-reflection to cultivate a continual improvement mindset.

I have:

  • Experience and knowledge in many different areas of IT and have worked in many roles over the years: service desk, desktop support, application support, web development, infrastructure support and design, cloud solutions and project management.

I think:

  • Collective knowledge leads to greater knowledge, so sharing should not be feared but actively sought. 
  • Logic and intelligence are tools that everyone should strive to learn and attain.
  • Learning is hard but rewards come to those willing to overcome the difficulties posed by the unknown.

I aspire:

  • To be better in my work and in my personal relationships.
  • To explore my spiritual self and grow as a result.